10 Healthiest Hospitality Drinks

Article Source: Health And Fitness Journal

Water of course!: Be sure to always filter water at your tap instead of buying plastic bottles that clog our systems with BPA as well as landfills.

Pomegranate juice: Be sure to drink juice as a TREAT. I reward myself with a little pomegranate juice each day as it is part of my anti-aging program.

Wine: Red wine is better than white when it comes down to ORAC testing (an antioxidants ability to quench free radicals that destroy our cells.) But white wine is okay too. They say a glass or two of wine is good for you due to the antioxidant capacity of the resveratrol.

Green Tea: In Japan green tea is the ultimate hospitality drink. If you really want to get your full antioxidants, I recommend the bright green powdered version that can be whisked in to a boglike foam.

Heart Healthy Herbal Cocktails: I previously wrote an article sharing my favorite recipes for mixing pure fruit juice with herbal teas, also a fantastic way to get herbal medicine in to small kids. Have fun experimenting and come up with your own special “house blend.”

Top Shelf Vodka: You can make a “Pomtini” by shaking ice, vodka, and pomegranate juice in your martini shaker, or you can buy a flavored vodka and drink what I call my “Supermodel Cocktail” of Raspberry Stoli and Soda (that is calorie free carbonated water NOT tonic or sweetened soda) with a squeeze of lime.

Organic Beer: A beer or two is always good for family functions and there are many good organic beers out there.

Dr. Nicole’s Smoothie”: Here is the recipe to my favorite anti-aging smoothie. You can serve this up to guests or drink it in front of them.

Organic Coffee: Coffee is actually quite healthy for us, and has been shown to prevent Parkinson’s. I am happy to do my part and drink two cups a day to prevent Parkinson’s.

Chamomile Tea: An herbal sedative is always great for those visiting a house full of screaming kids. Passionflower tea is also delicious!. There are also many wonderful caffeine free herbal blends out there for those that don’t do caffeine.

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Article Source: Health And Fitness Journal
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