100 Terrific Mindhacks To Make The Most Of Your Brain

Article Source: Health And Fitness Journal

Your mind is a powerful thing, but it’s often limited by things like fear, habit, and poor health. There are a number of ways to improve the way you use your mind whether you are a student, professional or devoted lifelong learner. Read on to discover 100 mindhacks that will help you make the most out of the most powerful tool you have at your disposal.

General: Follow these general mind hacks to give your brain some power.

1. Use the Internet
2. Practice streamwriting
3. Power idea generation
4. Take on a creative hobby
6. Stay active
7. Engage in meaningful activities
8. Use Oblique Strategies
9. Use weighted pros and cons
10. Set goals
11. Write things down
12. Take a nap
13. Drink something warm
14. Visit museums and performances
15. Use focused solitude
16. Be determined
17. Believe in your abilities
18. Give yourself structure

Habits: These daily habits will give your brain the shakeup it needs to do well.

19. Shower blind
20. Wear textured clothing
21. Don’t do things on auto pilot
22. Sleep on it
23. Always carry a notebook
24. Wake up to a new smell
25. Relax at the end of the day
26. Write instead of typing
27. Wear earplugs
28. Brush with your non-dominant hand
29. Make use of dead time
30. Sit up straight
31. Read aloud with a partner
32. Write before bed
33. Mix up your routine

Learning: Make use of these mindhacks when learning.

34. Learn things in order
35. Share your knowledge with others
36. Associate boring subjects with fun
37. Interlink thoughts with others

Communication: These communication hacks can help you influence your mind and the minds of others.

38. Use framing
39. Use fluid speech
40. Mirror your subject
41. Repeat what others are saying
42. Use touch

Energy: Your brain can get tired, so give it some refreshment with these mind hacks.

43. Listen to classical music
44. Do the opposite of what you’re doing
45. Take a deep breath
46. Meditate
47. Take a 1 second nap
48. Have sex
49. Play a sport
50. Shake your leg
51. Take a walk
52. Go to a movie
53. Create digestable tasks
54. Take a caffeine nap
55. Catch up on interesting reading
56. Play a game
57. Listen to motivational CDs

Dreams: Make the most of your dreams with these mind hacks.

58. Drink ice water
59. Suppress REM
60. Talk about your dreams
61. Take 5-HTP
62. Don’t sit up or stand up
63. Write down your dreams
64. Take galantamine
65. Verbally remind yourself to remember
66. Take more naps

Finance: These mind hacks will help you hack your brain for better finance.

67. Match frivilous spending with savings
68. Write down goals
69. Tell other people your financial goals
70. Create a habit
71. Create visual imagery of your goal

Productivity & Time Saving: With these mind hacks, you can be more productive and save time while working or studying.

72. Use proper timing
73. Clean out your inbox
74. Mind Map
75. Give yourself less time
76. Spreed
77. Scarcity

Brain Games: Play these brain games to build up your mind’s muscle.

78. Short Term Memory Test
79. Guess the Colors
80. Animated Memory Game
81. Simon Says
82. Crime Scene
83. Fun Match Game
84. Face Memory Test
85. Guess the Flag
86. Memory Solitaire

Food & Health: Follow these tips to eat, drink and exercise your way to a better mind.

87. Drink a glass of water
88. Good fats
89. Vegetables
90. Eat more choline
91. Exercise
92. Control your cholesterol
93. Fish
94. Yogurt
95. Apples
96. Carbohydrates
97. Alcohol
98. Use a smaller plate
99. Fruit
100. Non-caffeinated tea

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Article Source: Health And Fitness Journal
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