Vilsack Earns Boos for Pushing GM Food

Article Source: Health And Fitness Journal

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack started out getting lots of appreciative applause and head nods from the packed hall at the Community Food Security Coalition conference. He described the USDA’s plans to improve school nutrition, support local food systems, and work with the Justice Department to review the impact of corporate agribusiness on small farmers.

But then, when there was time for only one more question, he was asked about GMOs. He finished his reply by saying, “I will tell you that the world is very concerned about the ever-increasing population of the globe and the capacity to be able to feed all of those people.” He was met with moans, groans, hisses, and even boos.

The people in the room were top experts. They included numerous PhDs who had spent their careers looking deeply into the issue of world hunger.

Genetically modified foods have been linked to accelerated aging, dysfunctional immune regulation, organ damage, gastrointestinal distress, and immune system damage. What’s more, genetically modified crops, on average, actually reduce yield.

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Article Source: Health And Fitness Journal
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